Theme Nights

Tap into your wild side and go all out with the Panic en la Playa Nueve theme nights! Show off your creativity and plan a group costume or go at it on your own. Your 2020 theme nights are here – make sure to leave room in your suitcase for all those fun costume items!


Saturday Night Fever is alive and well! Let that Le Playa Freak out to play and boogie down to honor one of our favorite tunes! Break out your retro gear, jumpsuits, and psychedelic patterns – this far out soul train is bumpin’ and jivin’ all the way to Mexico.

Red Hot Pajama Mama

Kick back and get comfy because this is going to be the the best slumber party you’ve been to in years. Channel your inner Hefner and slip on that silk robe or snuggle up in your onesies and matching sets. Wake up in a dream and find anything can be your reality en la Playa.