Booking 411

  • Everyone (including children) will need a Cloud 9 Account in order to attend Panic en la Playa.
  • Plan ahead! You are booking an entire room not a spot in a room, so only one person needs to make the reservation. This person is considered the Lead Guest.
  • There are rooms available for 2 or 3 adults.
  • A $250 deposit ($500 if booking a Rock Suite) per person will be required to reserve your suite. This deposit goes towards paying off the total cost of your reservation.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  • During the booking process you are able to add your guest(s), additional items, as well as note any special requests.
  • Choose to pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan. Be sure if you choose to split the cost between you and your roommate, that you collect their card info prior to booking. Financial responsibility can be split after booking by contacting the Travel Team.
  • Submit your payment and we’ll see you at Panic en la Playa!

Rounding Out Your Trip

  • The event offers additional nights, transportation, insurance, children items, and more while booking your reservation for an additional cost.
  • When you first make your reservation, any additional items you select will increase the deposit amount owed at that time.
  • These items are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the time they are added to your reservation.
  • These items can be added anytime after booking either through your Cloud 9 Account or by contacting the Travel Team.
  • Please note, some extra night categories are limited in quantity and could potentially sell out for the event. Don’t hesitate too long when deciding.

Lead Guest

  • This is the person that creates the reservation and is the “owner”.
  • They are responsible for making sure the reservation is in good financial standing.
  • This is the only person that can initiate changes to names on a reservation. It is the Lead’s responsibility to make sure that all the guests are properly added.
  • The Lead Guest is the only person who can cancel a reservation.
  • Changes to the Lead Guest are subject to a fee according to the Name Change Schedule.


  • Have everyone create a Cloud 9 Account. Anyone who attended Panic en la Playa in the past will already have an account.
  • Add your roommate when booking by entering their name and email address.
  • Guests can be added or changed until December 19, 2019. Fees may apply.
  • Guest additions and name changes are only complimentary for a limited time. Fees WILL increase the longer you wait.
  • Single occupancy suites are not available however, if you are interested in being paired up with another solo traveler, contact the Tavel Team for more details.


  • Accessible rooms include wider clearance through doorways, toilet, bathroom rails, shower benches, and roll-in showers. Should you need an ADA room for these purposes you will want to book a Deluxe Gold w/King Bed. Please note, these rooms do not have a hydro spa tub inside.
  • All your mobility and medical conditions should be noted in your Cloud 9 Account so we can relay this information directly to the resort. If you have not yet created your account, please do so now.
  • Wheelchairs, scooters, and amphibious chairs (with larger tires that can traverse sand and are water friendly) can also be rented and delivered to the hotel through Playa Mobility. You can check out their inventory of ADA friendly selections HERE.
  • Panic en la Playa Nueve airport transportation offers ADA accessible shuttle options for those in need. Simply purchase transportation at the standard rate and contact the Travel Team to make arrangements at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • There are ramps throughout the hotel. If you require special needs support or require first floor accommodations due to your mobility issues, please contact the Travel Team.
  • During the main shows in the Concert Courtyard, there is an ADA platform if needed.
  • If you require additional support please contact the Panic en la Playa Accessibility Coordinator [accessibility at cloud 9 adventures dot com]