Theme Nights

Panic en la Playa theme nights are your chance to Bust It Big in Mexico! Take this opportunity to unleash your creativity and show off your best costumes and festive spirit.

The themes for Ocho have been announced. Check them out & start packing for the fun!

Ever been stuffed in a locker or bullied out of your lunch money? Were you the one smoking under the bleachers or giving high fives down the hallway after last night’s game? Jocks and cheerleaders always seem to get the glory, but this is your time to shine too, Poindexter! Stock your favorite pocket protector and fasten those suspenders, because it's revenge of the nerds!
We’re swinging back to a time when things were totally groovy. Whether you’re just back from Woodstock, spreading peace and love in your paisley button down and bellbottoms, a Mod dancing the night away in your gogo boots and pompadour hair, or a Beatnik heading to an underground Ginsberg reading in all black, tonight we bring together the powerful minds of a generation of dreamers. Can you dig it?