Theme Nights

There ain't no party like a Panic en la Playa party! Theme nights take it to the next level and give us an opportunity to showcase our creative spirit and costume skills. Theme nights from years past include Pirates en la Playa, Me and the Devil Blues/Heaven, and Rockstars and Super Heroes. Party on, Panic Peeps! 

The theme nights for Seis are...

Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday falls on the second day of Seis, so let’s bring the spirit of the Big Easy to Mexico and celebrate in style! Pull out all the stops to help us make this the most colorful and festive Playa theme night yet. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Space Wrangler

Rally the calvary and prepare for blast off, an intergalactic rodeo party is coming to Panic en la Playa! Get ready to raise your glasses to the dreams so near as the worlds of outer space exploration and cowboy trailblazin’ collide. So whether you’re a space case with an affinity for the extraterrestrial, a rugged outlaw of the old west, or anywhere in between, you’ll feel right at home on this night of pioneering and Panic.