Before You Book

Thank You For Another Another Unforgettable Vacation!


Don't give up hope! Rooms may still become available. Join the wait list and you will be contacted if a room opens up.

If you've already booked, and you wish to examine or edit your reservation, Log in to Cloud 9 Reservations

Each person attending Panic en la Playa will be required to register for an account with Cloud 9 Reservations. You will need a Cloud 9 Account to start the reservation process. If you haven't already, you can register for an account HEREIf you have traveled on a Cloud 9 adventure before, please do not create another account or you risk losing your valuable trip history! 

What Is A Cloud 9 Account / Why Do I Need One?

A  Cloud 9 account is your personal profile. Your account allows you to book, access and update your reservation as well as track your trip history. It is also a place where you can provide us with additional information that will help make your travels smoother. 

Your Account Allows You To

* Make payments
* Enter flight information 
* Provide any dietary or medical needs 
* Add items to your reservation including additional nights, ground transportation & travel insurance
* Offset your carbon emission or make a donation to Positive Legacy

Prior to the On Sale, we recommend that you log into your Cloud 9 account to ensure a seamless process. If you are experiencing any difficulties logging in or forgot your username or password, you can retrieve them by following the instructions HERE. If you still cannot retrieve your account information, contact the Travel Team. 

Lead Guest

The guest that places the reservation is considered the Lead Guest and is the "owner" of the reservation. The Lead Guest is the only person in the reservation that can make any changes such as adding a guest or making a name change.

The Lead Guest is responsible for keeping the reservation payments current. Any reservation with an outstanding balance on the morning following the payment date will have a $35 late fee assessed to the Lead Guest. The delinquent guest has 24 hours to settle the outstanding payment plus late fee. Any reservations still unpaid 48 hours after the payment date are subject to cancellation and the appropriate penalties as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.


If you know who you will be traveling with prior to making your reservation, please have your guest(s) register for a Cloud 9 Reservations account if they don't have one already. By doing so, you can easily add them when making your reservation online by entering their full name and the email address they have on file.

If you do not know who your roommate will be prior to booking, no problem, you can add them at a later date by contacting the Travel Team. Please note, after the initial booking, you will be able to add your guest online during the complimentary period, however after that you will need the assistance of a Cloud 9 Travel Team member. Name Change fees may apply, please see the guidelines HERE.