Life at La Playa

Panic en la Playa brings Widespread Panic fans together to an all-inclusive resort to enjoy some winter sunshine and four full shows from their favorite band. Breathtaking natural scenery, activities, excursions, and more all help set the experience apart from your average vacation or Widespread Panic show. This town is nuts, my kind of place... Discover what makes Panic en la Playa so special!


The Concert Courtyard

The centrally located Concert Courtyard is one of the coolest venues you will ever see Widespread Panic perform. The Courtyard backs right up to the Caribbean Sea and boasts excellent audio acoustics, bartenders combing the stage area serving drinks, and of course, plenty of dancing space.

Tropical Livin'

Ready for your next Vacation? Panic en la Playa is a winter getaway complete with warm weather, all-inclusive accommodations, pools, lagoons, and other luxuries. With plenty of winter sunshine to go around, Panic en la Playa is your welcomed retreat from the cold weather and your responsibilities back home. So kick off your shoes, order yourself a frozen cocktail, and enjoy life on Playa time! 


When the music isn’t happening, Panic en la Playa has perfected the craft of providing fans with a well-rounded vacation experience through activities, games, workshops, and other extras. Just a few examples of activities from past years include poolside games and challenges, poker tournaments, sauce making contests with JoJo, and beach volleyball. Stay tuned for complete info regarding Panic en la Playa activities and their scheduling.


Located in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, Panic en la Playa offers guests the opportunity to get out and explore this beautiful, historic, and culturally-rich part of the world. Some popular area attractions include Mayan ruin tours in Tulum, snorkeling, zip-lining, cenote exploration, and more. Official excursions will leave right from the Hard Rock and return to the resort in time so that nobody has to miss a note of music. Full excursion schedule and purchasing information coming soon. 

Theme Nights

Bust It Big for our Panic en la Playa theme nights! In 2016 we went South of the Border Mardi Gras with “Carnaval de Mexico” as well as full on Tarantino with “PELP Fiction”. Theme nights are just another aspect of our adventure that make Panic en la Playa exciting for fans. Only time will tell what our Seis themes will be, but rest assured you're going to love them!