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Life En La Playa

Panic en la Playa is the complete vacation package, combining four nights of music from Widespread Panic with four days of fun in Mexico! Spend your afternoons relaxing on the beach or participate in a variety of activities, poolside games, theme nights, workshops, and more. This winter getaway treats everyone like a VIP with the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort, comfortable accommodations, pools, a beach, restaurants, and bars just steps away!

Panic en la Playa is an experience unlike any other; your favorite band playing FOUR SHOWS right on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. The centrally located Concert Courtyard is one of the coolest venues you will ever encounter - an open air venue with amazing acoustic that backs up to the ocean.

Panic en la Playa is your retreat from the cold weather and your responsibilities back home. So kick off your shoes, order yourself a frozen cocktail, and enjoy life en la Playa!

Leave your cares behind and join us for four nights of music in paradise!